ZenithSolar Touting New CPV/solar Hot Water System 0

Seder Boqer, Israel — It’s like a concentrating solar PV system on growth hormones.

ZenithSolar has begun to tout a CPV/solar hot water system that it says will produce over 2 kilowattsof electricity and the equivalent of 5 kilowatts of solar hot water.

The system consists of a mirrored dish that concentrates the equivalent of 1,000 suns onto a III-V solar cell, according to David Faiman,director of the National Solar Energy Center and chair of the department of solar energy and environmental physics department at Ben-GurionUniversity here.

The high temperatures created by the solar dish necessitate cooling the solar cell with water instead of with passive metal heat sinks. Thewater is then run through heat exchangers to provide hot water to anindustrial or commercial site.

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