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Ever dreamed of turning your phone’s display into a solar cell? Ifyes, then your dream is set to become a reality now as a French startupnamed Wysips has developed a transparent photovoltaic film that can usesolar energy to generate power and allow the user to see right throughit. The company claims that it will turn the display of your smartphoneinto a solar cell. Incredible, isn’t it? This will end the hassle ofcharging the phone regularly using electricity.

The technology used by the company is pretty simple, as they haveoverlaid solar cells with a lenticular surface. The film is applieddirectly to the screen, which is below the capacitive layer. The directapplication of the film does not affect the touch performance at all,which sounds a little fictional. Wysips, however, stresses that theyhave succeeded in doing so over three generations of prototypes.

Detractors must argue that it is tough for Wysips to perfect thetechnology, as they don’t have any fully functional phones on hand, butthe French company displayed a couple of demos at the CTIA to prove that they have a winner in hand. In the first demo, the company showed apartially disassembled device in which the top half of the display wascovered by its patented film. Around 1.2 and 2.5 volts of power wasgenerated under harsh trade show lighting and Wysips noted that the rays are absorbed only from the front. The demo showed that the brightnessor clarity of the display was not affected much but that little impactwas noticeable.

In the second demo, which was done with an iPhone 3G, the companyplaced an unconnected solar film underneath the glass in order to showthe audience how it will look in a production device, but the bands ofdarkness move across the film when the angle of the phone is changed. Imust say that this happens in lenticular displays and the French firmadmitted that this is an older-generation prototype, and they will fixit in the production devices.

Wysips said that they are willing to ink deals with suppliers, phone manufacturers and carriers in order to develop commercial devices. Thecompany is planning to release the device next year. I am sure thatWysips will find many partners and very soon, we will be able to buythis device.

Via: Engadget

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