WOWZERS! The E-waste Bikini 0

Crafted by Jennifer Shannon and Andi Cheung, the e-waste bikini is apparently designed to draw attention towards women in the tech industry or the lack of. There are those who will obviously question how an uncomfortable ‘bikini’ and a woman clad in one help break away from the stereotype. Well, how many people would actually read a story about a long coat made in bikini? The idea here is to get as attention as possible and in that effort surely its creators have succeeded.

Having no expertise in the field of human psychology or social behavior, we will leave that there and let you form your own opinions on the matter. But what this draw attention to is the way in which e-waste is becoming a growing hazard and if we do not deal with it now then in future we might not have to be clad in garments made out of them, but might well be dealing with huge piles that are lying around.

Via: Treehugger

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