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With the emergence of energy, human life has become more feasible, flexible, and trouble-free. Different energy sources inventions, especially renewable resources like solar, biomass, wind, or hydropower, have made human life more efficient and easier with their existence.

Remember: Gasoline, diesel, natural gas, plastics, or other fossil fuels are not renewable resources. 

The work is divided, and productivity is increased by this. 

Plus, the energy is not only facilitating the commercial/non-commercial businesses (both on short-run and long-run basis) but providing power to residential areas, too. 

Previously, single energy sources were being used to supply power. However, now things have changed with the advancement of knowledge, and experts have invented the latest ways to store and distribute energy, in better and more resourceful manners. So, they have introduced hybrid systems of energy.

Interestingly, the new power sources like HRES (Hybrid Renewable Energy System) – a combination of two renewable resources, introduced recently are proven to be for more convenience and efficient performance.

In this article, we will specifically discuss Solar-Wind Energy, its hybrid system, some benefits, and tips for the long-run businesses. Read them below:

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What Is Solar And Wind Energy?

In this era, solar and wind energy systems are immensely used, and no doubt, we are getting great benefits from them. Let’s get a wing to both of them.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is directed from the sun, and further can be converted into electrical or thermal energy for usage. Also, it can be captured in different ways. Yet, the most popular way to get solar Energy is Photovoltaic solar panels.

Importantly, residential property owners and commercial business personals can install solar systems to facilitate others (and to businesses) with the energy needed. Along with this, they can design their buildings with passive solar heating to take full advantage of the sun’s energy.

Do you know? “Bell Labs” invented the first silicon photovoltaic cell in 1954.

Plus, industries need more solar energy and power (in several megawatts) as compared to other small sectors. 

Wind Energy

Wind energy is different from solar energy, as the name tells the whole story. It is produced through the air using different resources (turbines and generators). Here is the process: Wind turbines convert kinetic energy (in the wind) to mechanical energy. Next, the mechanical energy further comes into the form of electricity by using a generator. For a clear vision, you can check the animation.

This is another source of energy to the industries that need power almost throughout the day, and undoubtedly, the corporations invest majorly in it. As Jose Zayas (an energy spokesperson) said:

“With sustained low prices and exceptional capacity growth, choosing to rely on wind energy makes good business sense. The wind is a free and inexhaustible fuel providing price certainty to businesses for decades.”

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HRES (Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems) – Solar-Wind Hybrid 

The Wind-solar hybrid is also known as PV-Wind hybrid. It is the most affordable yet reliable way of driving stability to the production companies, improving their growth as a result. As briefed above, the HRES is the combination of two energies, which make it a better yet stronger energy resource for organizations that need continuous and cost-effective power. 

Note: Two different case studies that have been experimented in areas of Bangladesh and Uganda are mentioned here to facilitate you complete and useful information. 

Both studies concluded: the energy that is produced using a Hybrid system is more cost-effective and provides more productivity in power supply than having individual energy resources. Additionally, some industries are there to help you in the installation process, like Solar Feeds

Below, find some interesting benefits of HRES.

How The Hybrid System (HRES) Helps In Business Development

Hybrid renewable resources like solar-wind hybrids aid in business development on a larger scale by providing plenty of benefits. Such as: 

Reduced Bills And Protection From Price Fluctuation

As soon as the hybrid system is installed, the tension of heavy load bills and fluctuations vanish. Being an owner of industry, you can get the energy that would further cost very low when it comes to “paying-off” to the higher authorities (governments, or (inter)national electricity officials), through hybrid systems. 

Also, you might have known the fluctuations that occur every few months in the energy charges per unit (or per watt). By becoming able to produce the power in-house, these cost variations will not affect you the way it may affect the normal consumers and users. 

Enhanced Productivity With Energy Efficacy

Personal hybrid Systems allow you to get amazing change in output due to efficient and time-to-time production that becomes possible only with energy durability and resource trustworthiness. 

The Ability To Sell The Energy

Once you own the energy, you become capable of selling the energy to other small businesses like residential areas in the surroundings, small shops, and many others. By doing so, you will achieve the ability to expand your business to a larger level. Plus, selling energy to other small businesses would certainly help to generate maximum revenue for the company.

Interesting Information! The United States comes after China in energy consumption, having 27.2 Gigawatts of solar energy.

Always Mark An Excellence 

Not only production increases, but the worth and the quality attributes of the goods get improved. How? Simple, when you would save money from energy bills, you will spend it on the good material and technology items that may help you build a market value by producing durable and long-lasting products. Besides, the business would emerge as the shining star. Hence, good energy resources help to build good commercial goods, which further make the ordinary business a well-known brand. 

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It Earns Reputation

The co-operations that have their own hybrid systems become the authentic resources, and undoubtedly, it helps them to earn reputation, name, and value in the business world. For this, see the example below:

The present organization, like Amazon, has its own hybrid systems that help in gaining more customers, and no doubt, many people found the company more reputable, reliable, and trustworthy than others.

Why do Wind and Solar work well together? – An Additional Benefit Of having HRES

The hybrid Solar-wind system allows to conserve power in different weather conditions. For example, the solar system consumes a great amount of energy coming from the sun during daytime (mostly in summers). However, the wind turbines capture the power they get from the air during nighttime (majorly in winters). Nevertheless, the combined energy hybrid systems would save power throughout the day-and-night, for sure.

Now, hold on some tips for the long-run success.

Tips For Business – Using Hybrid Energy In the Long Run

Above, we have explained some benefits of the hybrid system. Here, we are briefing tips for the businesses who want to make their name with standard goods.

  1. Get An Energy Audit

Whenever you plan (to change the running resources or to start any kind) of the business, the first thing you do is making a road map for it. With this, the thing that enhances your decision power for how it would all go is the authentic yet deep energy audit. Well, every business runs on some energy. Isn’t it?  For this, evaluate results for both “on-land and off-land” businesses.

Developed Companies: Many existing companies are following the things that are a hindrance to the path of success for them. Make sure you (as a company owner) have enough knowledge about some aspects, like:

  • Track the previous record of energy consumption. 
  • Ask questions: What, Why, When, How, and Where was the power being used (or wasted)?
  • Check the reason behind the lack of performance. It might be due to reduced hybrid resources.
  • Analyze the circumstances and conditions of the current energy sources, like, if it trips down every now and then due to heavy load.

Exceptional Tip for Consumers And Professionals:

Don’t forget to have a garden in your business/residential area with energy-efficient decorative stuff in it. Undeniably, it looks appealing to others when you have a small garden in which a beautiful solar powered garden fountain is placed. Plus, it will refresh the mood of the visitors, and the employees can also have some rejuvenating time there during working hours.

New Industries: If you are going to start a business, and have decided to install HRES in your company, then, again, follow these steps:

  • A Road Map
  • Energy audit of other companies: to get an idea or a guess for yourself
  • A documented research
  1. Research Before Installation Is Important

When it comes to examining the situation of the company, its surroundings, and the power requirement, it becomes imperative to make sure if the HRES system you would be installing is according to the need. For this, be definite in answering these questions:

  • How much megawatt energy is required for the entire cooperation and every single factor that is involved?
  • How many appliances and electronic devices would need support? And how many electronic items can become part of the system in the (near) future?
  • How many hours does it demand daily? That means the “powered on” scenario, the usage hours. 
  • Does HRES support the required energy load? The system you would be installing is as per your actual need or not?

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  1. Check The Area For How Hybrid Would Perform

The area (or the locality) matters a lot for the Hybrid system’s installation. For this, solve the questionnaire:

  • How huge (or small) the place is for the solar-wind hybrid system installation? Check if the area is compatible with the need and suitable for the system. 

For solar-wind hybrid, the area should support positive climate conditions, for example:

  • Is the area airy or not? As you know, the wind power system is involved, so air circulation is important.
  • Does the concerned zone conserve enough solar energy? It means to check if that specific land gets the adequate amount of sun rays, and for how many months the summer season stays there. 
  1. Never Compromise The Quality Over The Price

Every HRES provider doesn’t own good-quality hybrid systems. To avoid glitches, do a good survey of different companies before finalizing the installation deal. Also, the below-mentioned points should be kept in mind:

  • Mostly, expensive systems are the best systems quality-vise. But, with a little more research, you can find the in-budget quality hybrid systems, too.
  • Ensure the HRES you installed doesn’t get affected after every few months—for example, the wires, the connector, and everything that is involved in the whole system are not getting damaged constantly.
  • Make sure the HRES a company is having, induce up to the mark performance.

Extra-tip: You can also use hybrid solar trees to increase energy production.

  1. Make Sure The System Provides Financial Stability

Some systems (after installation) disturb your budget as they require updates and mends more often. Well, to avoid these problems, install the HRES temporarily on the testing phase first to analyze its working – either its profitably aiding you and to the revenue of your business or not. 

  1. Keep Tracking The System Performance

Businesses run longer than expected when more customers and consumers are added. For this, make sure if the systems you installed are enabling your employees to perform efficiently and helping them to complete tasks within deadlines as well. Additionally, check if the energy system is not causing fluctuations—for instance, sudden energy breakdown or low-voltage. Therefore, the overall performance of the organization is merely dependent upon the energy systems’ health.

Check the facts below for a better understanding of how it emerged and became lucrative with time.

Solar And Wind Energy Facts

  • In 700 BC, glass lenses were used to produce fire by magnifying the sun’s rays. Hence, solar energy has been used for over 2700 years.
  • The wind power market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% (approximately) from 2020 to 2025.
  • Only 1 wind turbine can generate enough energy to power 1,400 homes.
  • The earth gets 184 petawatts of solar power in the atmosphere, from which 30% is replicated back to space, and 70% is absorbed by clouds, oceans, and other landmasses.
  • Portugal made history by running on renewable power resources alone for 107 hours in 2016.
  • Solar Energy helps to produce biomass when it is converted into chemical energy by green plants
  • According to the assumptions, China has now become the world leader in wind power generation and paving its way, reaching 1000 GWs till 2050.
  • The world’s largest solar energy plant is located in the Mojave Desert, California, covering 1000 acres.
  • Calculators can also be powered by solar energy.
  • Renewable energy helps to create 5 times more jobs than fossil fuels.

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EndNote – Make your Business Hybrid For Generations

Above, we have demonstrated every single detail about the solar-wind hybrid energy system that a professional should keep in mind before installing them. We hope the knowledge, benefits, tips, and facts that have been shared would guide you in making the best decision for the business.

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