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The number of electric cars being manufactured each year is still limited. However, we have tried to come up with some predictions about which plug-in hybrid vehicles have the potential to change the entire world. Check it out:

Chevrolet (Chevy) Volt

Developed by General Motors (GM), the Chevrolet Volt or Chevy Volt is a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) that combines the features of both traditional hybrid electric vehicle and all-electric vehicle. It has already won a number of prestigious awards including the ‘Green Car Vision Award 2009’, ‘European Car of the Year 2012’, etc. The sophisticated car comes for a price $41,000, and GM has been trying to uplift their production up to 60,000 per year in order to meet the excessive demand. The company is all set to come up with Cadillac ELR, an upmarket version of Chevy Volt by this year.


Toyota RAV4 EV

Manufactured by Toyota, this all-electric vehicle RAV4 EV is an upscale version of its own popular predecessor RAV4 SUV. The company teamed up with Tesla Motors in order to get its hands on the brand new battery-only electric vehicle RAV4 EV with a set of rechargeable batteries and high performance. The car has been known to give tough competition to the General Motors (GM) EV1.

Fisker Karma

Fisker Automotive has finally launched its much expected luxurious Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) Fisker Karma. It is basically a sports sedan with a good and sporty look of Italian supercar. Though the engine of the Fisker Karma is sourced from General Motors (GM), it is less competent than Chevrolet Volt, the high-class production of GM. The vehicle is priced at $100,000 in the market.

BMW i3

The Mega City Vehicle (MCV) from BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), also known as BMW i3, is an urban electric car. The company has long been in the business of manufacturing electric cars, and BMW i3 is an all-electric version of its previous versions of Mini-based electric vehicles as well as plug-in versions of the popular i-series. As the name suggests, it is a perfect fit for driving on the roads of different Mega cities around the world. However, the price of the car is reasonable enough.


Honda Fit

Honda Fit or Honda Jazz is one of the most discussed electric cars available in today’s market. It is basically a ‘hatchback subcompact’ developed by Honda Motor Company. The specialty of the vehicle is its affordable price. It comes under $30,000 which is certainly a great deal for middle class people.

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