Will The Rolls-Royce Phantom 102EX Go Into Production? 0

Since Rolls Royce unveiled the electric 102EX Phantom at the Geneva Motor Show,2011, it has got a rather lukewarm response from its wealthy customers. They are apparently apprehensive about its range and not willing to wait for an eight hour charging. Although industry experts and automotive writers are quiet happy with its performance, the electric luxury will never make it to production. We, at Ecofriend are sad that this electric marvel will remain just a prototype. Given after the break are some good reasons why the car is worth falling in love with.

Experts, who got a chance to drive the car, claim that its silent acceleration and massive torque are perfectly suited for the size of a car like Phantom. The gasoline powered car boast of 453 horsepower 6.8 litre V12 engine that gives an estimated range of 120mph. This configuration complements the extremely large and heavy sedan, whose weight stands a little over 5,500 pounds. According to EPA estimates, the car will get 11 miles per gallon in the city and about 18 miles on the highway.

When Rolls Royce customers were surveyed about the car, an odd 500 among them were said to prefer a V12 and for them the torque was no balm for the range of the car at 100-120 miles.

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