Will Mercedes Launch a Fuel Cell Car by 2014? 0

Different automakers seem to have different perceptions towards hydrogen fuel cell technology. While some believe that it is too early to experiment with this clean and emission-free source of energy, others are eager to drive forward and be among the first that will revolutionize the way we commute on the roads of tomorrow. Mercedes-Benz seem to be among the later as they are reportedly working hard on integrating fuel cell technology into their cars and reports suggest that Mercedes could very well launch a vehicle that will carry the clean energy source as early as 2014.

Mercedes is apparently working on two hydrogen fuel cell cars currently and one of them could be available to public by 2014. While the first of the two vehicles that is in works might be the improved version of the latest Mercedes-B Class with improved range and in the form of a range-extended electric version, the second d one that might be unveiled a bit later down the line is a large sedan or SUV model.

The expectations at this point are that Mercedes will use Hydrogen fuel cell technology to extend the range of the next-gen Mercedes B-Class, but the exact car that it has planned is still not certain. Mercedes have already showcased a concept hydrogen fuel cell assisted vehicle that was dubbed as the F125 and promised a range of 620 miles along with top speed of 136 mph. One of the nig problems for car makers at this point though is the presence of supporting infrastructure for the cars and plans in the US suggest that such a hydrogen fuel cell car will initially be released in just California and will slowly progress to other states when hydrogen filling stations expand as well.

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