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What is the Green Jobs National Conference?

The Green Jobs National Conference is a country wise summit, which is usually being organized in collaboration with the Ministries of Labour. The main purpose of this conference is to find ways to create and promote “Green Jobs” across the country and reduce carbon footprints. Throughout the conference, the participants discuss about supporting organizations economically, environmentally, and socially to create more green jobs.

Green jobs initiative supports a collaborative effort by governments, employers, and trade unions to promote environmentally sustainable jobs in a climate-challenged world.

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The adventure started in 2010 and the vessel has travelled on solar power all the way, although backup diesel generators were required for insurance purposes. But they have never been used, said Atissun.

The Swiss ship was sponsored by watchmaker Candino and features 700 solar panels that have been generating more than enough power to set the vessel in motion.

Turanor is not exactly a research project on how to power boats with solar energy, but rather a marketing coup for the solar power industry. It should be docking in Monaco, France in three months’ time.

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The Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference is one of the largest andmost diverse annual gatherings of green economy stakeholders in the US.It is scheduled to take place in Washington DC from February 8 – 10,2011.

The 2010 Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference brought together nearly 3,000 people from across the country to turnideas into action and build a new green economy in the United States.
The 2011 event will include discussions on America’s infrastructure challenges and opportunities. It will also address how greentransportation and transit will create good jobs, protect theenvironment and ensure that America remains globally competitive.
Transportation Secretary LaHood, EPA Administrator Jackson and others will speak at 2011 Green Jobs Conference.
The 2011 workshop program concentrates on building the green economy, including: GreenInfrastructure and Transportation; State and Local Initiatives andPartnerships; Workforce, Economic Development and Youth Education;Emerging Green Sectors: Recycling, Chemicals, Water, Agriculture andOther Growing Industries; Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency;Business, Investments and New Markets; and Clean Energy Manufacturing.See the conference agenda for more information.

Good Jobs Green Jobs also gives participants a free space in which they can host meetings or events at the Conference. Click here to learn more or to request a space. To attend the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference, go to registration.

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