Why Your Solar Company’s Website Gets No Search Engine Love 0

On internet, everyone is hot and sexy.

OK, I lied.

Most people on internet are just like.. people in real life.


Most are, well, let’s just say.. if it weren’t for internet dating, most of these people’s heritage lines are doomed. (Side note: online sales lead generation is just like dating.)

And websites are no different: ugly useless ones don’t get any love and go home alone while pretty useful ones get to do all the egg laying.

Yes, believe it or not, there are ugly and useless sites. And your solar company’s website is probably one of them

  • Ugly – Looks like it was built by a drunken monkey using a tablet.. i mean like the tablet that Moses used in the B.C. era
  • Useless – No information, nothing of any interest to anyone.. just bare bone contact information.

Here’s why you won’t get any love from search engines, or better yet, people of the internet.

People are used to simple clean designs like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.. AND have tons of insanely great content.

And because of this general trend towards clean user experience, EVERYONE is following suit.

In another words, people are mentally being trained to equate clean looks & lots of information with professionalism.

If your website is ugly (and be HONEST with yourself), guess what.. others probably think the same.

On top of that, if your site has no real good information for search engines to digest and understand what you’re really about, guess what.. you ain’t gettin’ no search engine love. (i.e. traffic / potential customers).

There are TWO negative repercussions with this

  1. NO one is linking to you because it’s untrustworthy AND has no interesting information for people to refer to….  which means, no customers
  2. your website visitors are leaving you, telling search engines that your site is pretty much useless…

If you have Google analytics installed, you’ll notice this thing called a bounce rate.


If it’s high (like more than 60%), that means people are leaving you within 2-3 seconds of being there.

And if your bounce rate is high, search engines are taught to push you “down” the search engine results because to show relevant results to people (i.e. the users get there and stay there for more than 3 seconds)

Why? Because if they show the “right” stuff to people, people will think that the search engine is good… and that they’ll come BACK to the search engines so that they can show more ads and make more money.

(Yeap, as much as we’d all like to think, search engines are for profit businesses..)

So what’s a small mom pop operation with limited budget and expertise to do? Simple.

1) Make your site pretty


Dammit, don’t be cheap.

Get a designer and make your site nice and clean… AND  ORIGINAL. (Not some el cheapo off the shelf crap.)

It won’t cost you more than a few hundred bucks. Trust me, it’s worth the investment.

OH yeah.. and don’t ever make THESE online marketing mistakes

2) Add lots of content


Simple fact of business success: more media = more customers. Bottom line.

If you don’t create media, how are people suppose to figure out what the hell you do?

On internet, (key)WORDS are the CURRENCY. You want more dough? well start typing.

3) Be friendly & helpful.


Just like you skip the commercials when you watch TV, no one wants to read your stupid sales pitch.

If this visit your website, the chances are that they are probably looking for information.

So why don’t you be nice AND tell them something good? OR something even nice.

Things like “how does solar work”… “how does solar financing work”… “how does net metering work”… etc.

Yes, I understand they are far in the decision part of the buying cycle (and if you are completely blank when it comes to that, a good tutorial on the intent & online buying decision process/cycle )

Be helpful and provide a lot of information and share tons of information.

Don’t be worried about people stealing your trade secret or what not.. because I’ll be frank, no one wants to steal your crap.

If they want it, they’ll be more than likely to contact you and ask you for help.

TaeWoo Kim is the founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company specializing in  generating solar (PV) leads. You can follow him on Twitter @taewookim

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