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solar roof

solar roof

The energy from the sun is powerful: Every year the earth receives 15.000 times more energy than the human consumption and many times the energy stored in the earth. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and will play a big part in the production of useful energy in the future.

Some appliances we are going to talk about in this article could potentially save you money through lower energy bills. However, some of them would most likely end up costing you more, even in the long-term, but of course contributes in the fight against global warming

There are many ways to harness the energy from the sun. Passively with the principles of green houses, thermal heating, photovoltaic cells generating electricity are the most important. The illustration above uses solar water heaters on the roof for warm water (both room heating and water itself) – In many cases the most cost-efficient solar solution.

DIY solar panel kits have been on the market for some time now and happy customers worldwide have been using these kits to generate their own free electricity. Solar power for homes is a good idea if you live in the right geographic location and can harness the energy efficiently. The initial costs can be expensive, but this is a long-term investment and should bring in some bucks in the future.

Solar battery charger kits are in principle the exact same thing as solar panels, using the technology of photovoltaic cells to generate electricity, in a more practical manner. The idea is to supply electricity to charge batteries for everything from cell phones to large vehicles. It works really well and should be one of the things someone who spends much time travelling should look into

The potential in the energy from the sun is huge. Most of the energy sources we use today are actually coming from the sun, the exception being geothermal energy from the center of the earth. At the current time the technologies of these methods are still relatively young and prices are high. Big solar power projects still need quite large incentives to be able to compete with the prices of more convectional forms of producing energy.  Solar power is a big part of our future and we will see an increasing amount of appliances in the years to come.

Solar energy is only one small piece in the puzzle of moving towards a renewable and sustainable energy system. One thing is clear – we are facing a massive transition in our climate. There is not really anybody that can say for certain what will happen – if we continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels and other carbon emitting energy sources.

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