Why the Enphase M215 is Selling Like Hotcakes

The newest micro-inverter from Enphase Energy – the M215 – is now available and we believe that this will be one hot product.

We have been fans of Enphase micro-inverters for some time and we have installed numerous Enphase systems, particularly at shady sites.  We liked how the independence of each panel/inverter helped boost energy yield, we were dazzled by the brilliant monitoring abilities of the system, and we were real fans of the 15-year warranty (compared to the standard 10-year warranty on string inverters.)

So why do we think the new model will be such a step up?  First andforemost is the upgrade on the warranty to 25 years!  No other invertermanufacturer offers anything comparable as their standard warranty. This means that the key components of the array – the solar panels andthe inverters – will now have warranties of identical duration.  Webelieve this is a huge step forward in building client confidence in the fundamental reliability of solar power systems.

Second, the M215 has improved its CEC efficiency rating to 96% making it the match of any of the popular string inverters.

Third, the M215 should be easier to install as it now only requires a single bolt to attach it to the array racking and its new cablingsystem should allow for a smoother installation process which will helpto drive down costs.

Finally, the M215 is compatible with some of the more powerful solarpanels out there, such as the Suntech 225.  We believe that the pairingof the Suntech panels with the M215 will be a great fit for many of our residential and smaller commercial clients.

Put it altogether and we believe that the Enphase M215 has thepotential to be a real game-changer.  If you have been wondering whenwould be the right time to add solar to your home or business, the M215is one more reason why the right time to add solar is NOW!


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