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With so many businesses attempting to go green, there are a few tools to choose from. One of these tools is cloud computing and virtualizing their businesses. For many this is a new concept that seems mysterious and too futuristic to implement. With conventional business being the standard, how can a company become dependent on virtualization and the cloud? If you are planning to go green, the cloud is going to be your answer.

Cloud Computing and Paperless Business

The first step for any green business is eliminating the natural resources used and the waste produced in day to day business. Going paperless is a decision that affects both aspects. By virtualizing files, using digital documents and online file sharing, you eliminate the need to print out pages upon pages of information. As mobile devices are integrated into a company’s infrastructure, holding a tablet is much like holding a folder, without the waste. The cloud is the best option for virtualizing files and sharing these documents amongst hundreds of employees.

Cloud Computing and Energy Conservation

Becoming a green business is about more than just eliminating paper. It is about eliminating waste and resources. Energy consumption is a big issue when going green. Computers, servers, lights, and printers all use power to operate. With cloud storage services, you can eliminate the need for dedicated servers running on power when not in use. Rather than having hundreds of computers using individual resources, you will only need one centralized cloud server that handles the processing for the individual workstations. This conserves energy as each workstation can be downgraded to less consuming lower-resourced options.

Unlike common networks, cloud computing is energy efficient. As cloud computing is commonly known as remote computing, the cloud server delivers the resources needed by workstations when the workstation requests it. This stops unused energy from being consumed by workstations consistently running internal resources that are not needed.

Offsite Cloud Hosting

Another method of cloud computing that many companies are utilizing are offsite or third party cloud hosting services. This is the easiest way to reduce energy consumption and save on costs as your company isn’t powering the cloud services.

The energy used to run the servers, the server maintenance, security and transfer monitoring and all other aspects of cloud storage, hosting and computing is handled by another company. This eliminates the need for powering large servers and computers while still getting the services needed for day to day business.

For the past few years, businesses have tried to go green and help the environment. When the cloud was introduced, a lot of emphasis was placed on how it can assist in green business. While we still have a ways to go before every company goes green and all of the day to day tasks can be virtualized, the cloud is the corner stone that will piece it all together.

Adam Banks is a tech blogger and environmentalist that suggests you click here to learn more about cloud computing and storage.

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