Wayne Stroessner: Don’t be fooled by utility rhetoric on solar power 0

rock-on-wayne-520On June 1, 2007, 7.2 kW of photovoltaic panels were installed on our residential rooftop. Seven years and four months later, the photovoltaic array has produced 54,133 kWh of electrical energy, saved our atmosphere from 92,024 pounds of carbon dioxide and prevented 12.5 tons of coal from being burned in We Energies’ coal plants.

At the time of installation, We Energies considered solar panels to be beneficial for their electrical energy production. Photovoltaics are most effective when the sun is shining brightly on long summer days. This is the same time when most air conditioners are running to supply “peak” energy demand. Solar panels have indeed provided that electrical energy to prevent We Energies from starting up additional auxiliary electrical generators during hot days. In fact, We Energies found it to be so beneficial that they established a 10-year program in which they would pay photovoltaic owners a premium per kilowatt-hour for the electrical energy the panels produced.


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