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Seems like the solar revolution is spreading across the globe at a rapid pace with regions that were previously not too ‘hot’ on solar power now turning towards this clean energy source. And with growing awareness and how planet-friendly measures tend to both bring in some good PR and save a penny or two in the long run, business groups are turning towards clean power more and more. While groups like Greenpeace still complain about how it is still not ‘enough’, we are more than happy to see the trend of big corporate houses adopting alternate energy, even if it is at their own pace.

Walmart already has turned solar in some locations to power part of its energy needs and in its latest initiative has decided to install photovoltaic panels at 27 of their 50 outlets in Massachusetts that will enable them to produce as much as 10.5 megawatts of clean solar energy. For the sake of understanding how big and significant the project is, that energy would be normally sufficient to power around 2600 homes. Of course, this does not mean that the stores will be going completely solar themselves for energy needs as this will only account for 10 to 15 percent of their total energy consumption.

The solar installations are being supplied by Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC and while there is no official word on it as of yet, the project will at least set Walmart back by $31.5 million. Of course, the company will try and make this up in the long run and it will also help reduce the stores’ carbon emissions.

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