Urban Oasis: Street Signs That Charge Our Gadgets 0

All of us are very fond of spending some time outdoors, whether it is a leisurely walk, in the public parks or just relaxing on the park benches and having a nice chat with our friends and relatives, this gives a break from the routine work. But soon on realizing that the mobile is running short of battery, we rush towards the nearest café that provides an access to electricity. With the invention of this street charge you can charge up your phones easily on the roadside without rushing into a café. This would be more convenient and cost effective. Although the coffee shops and bakeries would also have served the same purpose instead of the street posts, but it would have been a comparatively lousy solution, as just as we tend to buy chips and wafers just for using up the washroom at a gas station, in the same way we pay extra for the coffee at the coffee shop, just to use the socket to charge our phone. To get rid of this extra, the street charge is the best way out.

The idea behind the simple yet extraordinary product design is to restore and transform the open urban setting into a more consumer friendly space, which caters to the indispensable needs of the people. This project is simple and does not entail any colossal real estate implements.

Via: Fastcodesign

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