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Danish architectural firm 3XN came up with the design of the Uppasala University, which is more than 500 years old and is one of the most recognized institutions of Sweden. The building design creates a connection between the past and future through its expression and layout. The building’s compact structure helps in minimizing the surface area that results in environmental and operational savings.

The construction technique proposed for the building is simple; the designer has just overlapped office wings placed on top of each other. This will help creating an open atrium, which will unite the building. The atrium will serve the backdrop for the staircase that will be connected to the floors and mezzanine areas.

The buildings high floors offer a tree top view of the botanical garden, Uppsala Castle, and university campus area. The floor plate design will provide a dynamic variation to the entire building .The building’s small and large plazas create a feeling of intimacy. On the other side open spaces of the building will boost the experience of being a part of the same environment.

The Uppsala University is a versatile building with a cohesive structure. It has a flexible design and is quite perfectly in sync with nature. The university is ambitious to create new ways of studying, working, and interacting.

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