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Whenever we talk about solar installations on buildings, the first picture that comes to mind is that of a blue roof covered in solar panels. And, I am sure not many of us have imagined an entire blue building, with every wall, and every inch of the roof covered with solar panels. The Tokyo Institute of Technology has done exactly what none of us can digest; they have built a new building, which is entirely covered in solar installations. The aerial view of the building makes it seem impermeable and rather quirky, but it’s not the looks, it’s the technology that makes it sapient.

Tokyo Institute of Technology is considered as a prestigious university the world over and in fact the best in Japan. The unveiling of its self sustaining building has enhanced its image for the eco conscious community. The exterior of the Environment and Energy Innovation Building including the roof is covered with 4500 panels. These panels have a total capacity of producing 650 kilowatts of power, which is further supplemented by 100 kilowatts of fuel cells.

One question that strikes the mind is what tangible difference does this installation have on the power generating capacity of the building? The answer is simple; the building has seven floors and two additional basement levels and it is because of the solar panels that it consumes half the power that a building of the same size would have consumed without solar installations.

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