Under the spotlight: Ian Draisey on the direction of rooftop solar 0

rooftop solar

rooftop solarFollowing the purchase of PV distributor Metgen this week, Solar Power Portal caught up with Bay Wa r.e.’s Ian Draisey to talk about the future of UK solar.

How do you feel about the current state of the domestic installer market?

I’m relatively confident, and have converted that confidence into modest increases in growth for 2015 in my forecasts for the year. I’m always surprised at just how reactive the market is to the smallest of reductions in the feed-in tariff (FiT) rate. This is indicative perhaps of how solar is sold, and that the reductions have become as much a cultural catalyst to demand that the ROI figures could only aspire to be. I am an advocate of subsidy free solar, and can’t wait until we are genuinely there. I’m very interested to see whether the onset of more frequent reductions afflict the domestic sector with the malaise we experienced in April 2014, or whether they underpin the message that now is always the best time to buy solar.


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