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At the annual meeting of the International Development Finance Club last Sunday, October 13,2013, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called climate change “the single greatest threat to sustainable development,” but he didn’t end his speech with gloom. He offered a solution: ramping up financial investment in low-carbon technologies and policies.

According to Moon, development banks serve not just as financial institutions, but as leaders in opening new markets and spurring further private sector investment. He called upon club members to not just meet their existing goal of $100 billion invested annually in climate finance projects, but also to double their portfolio of acquisition financing.

Although Ki-Moon noted the terrifying impacts of climate change, he focused on the positives impacts of climate investments – the reality that “addressing climate change is one of our greatest opportunities.”  He says that “with enlightened action, we can create jobs, improve public health and protect the environment.”

To make that happen, he called upon all present to “facilitate new business models and support entrepreneurs in the developing world where demand for clean investment solutions is greatest.”

Though Ki-Moon’s audience was development banks, one way that anybody can join in smart climate development investment is by signing up to “crowd” investment platforms like Sunfunder, which crowdsources capital for small solar investments in the developing world.  Other clean energy crowdfunding platforms which allow for participation in the clean energy revolution and currently operate in the developed world, lare Abundance Generation in the UK, Windcentrale in the Netherlands and Mosaic in America.  It is possible that Mosaic may eventually get out into the developing world, but until then, it will continue to offer the safest impact investments possible that provide steady, fixed income.  We welcome you to join the movement and use finance to save the planet.

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