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As more companies adopt solar an opportunity’s growing for photovoltaic systems that can be adopted in kind of an out of the box or ready to go system. Advanced Solar Photonics, LLC, is taking steps to provide solutions in that arena with its new American Private Power Plant (AP3). The product is designed to simplify the installation of projects for customers.

Lake Mary, Fla.-based Advanced Solar is taking advantage of its integrated manufacturing capabilities, which include module, mounting and inverter manufacturing   capabilities. The new AP3 system is scalable from 25 kilowatts to 1 megawatts, depending on the customers’ needs. “AP3 features PV modules, inverters, electrical components and support structures from ASP,” said APS spokesperson Lawrence Hefler. The system can also be upgraded with some of APS’s more unique and power equipment. “Bifacial or Glass-to-Glass PV modules are optional equipment,” he said.

The systems can also be upgraded with energy storage, according to Hefler. “Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are optional equipment. Excess energy not used by the facility is transferred to the ESS and is used whenever the solar power generation system is not producing,” he said.

The company introduced the first U.S.-made bifacial glass modules earlier this year. The company said it offers higher efficiency than standard modules because they collect sun that bounces back to the underside of the module.

Starting at 25 kilowatts, the AP3 is designed for commercial and non-residential systems, according to Hefler. The product is aimed at helping companies become less grid-dependent by producing electricity at the point of consumption. Since its modular, it can be upgraded or expanded as future on-site electric needs grow.

Although the company is just announcing the product now, it’s already installed a number of them. “The company has installed AP3 systems in Florida ranging from 25kW to 1.4MW,” Hefler said.

The systems are designed and manufactured in America which gives them an  advantage under the US Buy American Act. Under the act, Advanced Solar Photonics is one of the few companies that cane meet its requirements and produce products that are suitable for government, military and municipal projects, the company said.

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