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Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine has announced the recipients its 2012 Green Supply Chain Awards. This year’s fifth annual awards recognize 57 companies of all sizes that are using innovative practices to drive supply chain sustainability.

“Leading companies recognize that initiating sustainable practices in their supply chain processes is key towards driving their competitive edge in today’s recovering economy,” said Barry Hochfelder, Editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “This has been increasingly evident over the past few years and is relatively clear with the increased number of entries we received this year for our annual green awards. The increased adoption of green best practices and strategies will only continue to grow.”

Among this year’s recipients are several companies that are using cutting-edge software and other technology to improve supply chain sustainability.

One such company is Cadec, a provider of trucking fleet management solutions based in Manchester, N.H. Cadec sells both the on-board computer and the cutting-edge software that tracks and reduces wasteful behaviors, including speeding, excessive idling, sudden decelerations, and unauthorized stops. Cadec’s technology helps trucking fleets reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and paper use.

A grocery distributor that uses Cadec to enforce an idling limit on trucks has reduced total idling hours across its fleet by 90 percent. Another Cadec client, a major dairy company, increased the fuel efficiency of its fleet by a half-mile per gallon. Such technology saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

“Fleet management can have a tremendous impact on fleet efficiency, particularly in the areas of fuel economy, carbon emissions and paper use,” said Cadec’s Chief Executive Officer Pete Allen. “Customers tell us that sustainability is among their most pressing business concerns. We’re proud to be among the vendors recognized for our work in greening the industry.”

Also receiving recognition from Supply & Demand Chain Executive were Chicago-based ArrowStream and Elemica, based in Acton, Pa. Both companies provide a variety of technology solutions to clients to increase supply chain efficiency.

ArrowStream’s customers have averaged a 10 percent decrease in their carbon footprint by employing a range of technology solutions.

“Our technology’s benefits are multi-dimensional–it will not only reduce a customer’s carbon footprint, but will simultaneously reduce its total cost. It is a win for both the environment and customer profits,” said Steven LaVoie, CEO of ArrowStream. “We believe this award reaffirms our standing as a premier [Software-as-a-Service] supply chain management technology and logistics services provider when it comes to providing green, cost-saving solutions.”

Further demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, ArrowStream also offers its employees financial incentives to use public transportation for their commutes.

Elemica, founded in 2000, received the Green Supply Chain Award for helping customers achieve measurable sustainability goals by automating manual processes and optimizing shipments. Elemica’s technology helps customers reduce their usage of paper and spending on fuel.

“Elemica enables companies to gain a greater competitive advantage by replacing costly manual approaches with innovative capabilities and systems that streamline operations and boost efficiencies,” said Rich Katz, Elemica’s Chief Technology Officer. “We remain committed to helping companies implement ‘green’ best practices, such as electronic purchasing and sourcing, transportation optimization, and shipment visibility that lower costs while driving sustainability.”

The 2012 Green Supply Chain Awards were decided by Supply & Demand Chain Executive editorial staff. The staff reviewed submissions and selected winners based on the clarity and effectiveness of a company’s strategy to green its supply chain.

Harry Stevens is a freelance reporter covering climate change, corporate social responsibility, social enterprise, and sustainable finance. Harry has contributed to several media outlets, including Justmeans, GreenBiz, SocialEarth, and Sustainablog. You can follow Harry on Twitter: @Harry_Stevens…

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