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The Prius race car is a series of hybrid cars with production starting in 2012. A bigger battery backup, a larger cooling system, heat exchanger, cooling fan, inverter, and better pick up are some of the features that the all new Toyota Prius Race car would sport.

As always Toyota has upgraded the features that are available on the existing Prius in its newer version. The Toyota Prius has been a very popular car globally and this car has a big market and great potential in the US markets. In June 2011 Toyota Prius won the award for the best selling hybrid car of year in America. According to market research, the number of hybrid cars plying on the roads of America is set to double by the year 2015.

Tough competition:

Toyota has entered the highly competitive hybrid race car market with the launch of the super GT series car. Some of the popular cars from super GT series are the GT86 and the GT300. The Toyota super GT300 is going to be a tough competition for competitors like the Subaru BRZ and Honda CR Z. In January 2012, Toyota would be launching the Prius car model which is next to the GT300. Toyota is now looking forward to upgrade their current car models to provide greater varieties of hybrid cars to their customers.

Experts review:

The hybrid cars are 10 percent heavier than standard cars, due to which experts say that hybrid cars make for safer cars to drive. Some recent models of the Toyota Prius car come with a lithium ion battery which works better than traditional acid batteries.

The Prius Hybrid has been gaining popularity globally as a amazing hybrid and thus helping Toyota cement its position in the hybrid car segment. Recently, Nissan and many another companies have also entered the market of hybrid cars, however, as of now it seems that they would take a while to catch up with Toyota which is ruling the market.

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