Top 9 Advantages of Solar Energy 0

  • #1:  Sunlight is the world’s most abundant renewable energy source. Sunlight will never run out. On a clear day at noon, the sun provides over 1,000 watts of energy for every square meter on earth, (
  • #2:  Solar is almost completely green (non-polluting).There is some pollution involved in the actual creation and transportation of solar cells; however, once that’s accomplished, solar offers power that’s completely pollution free.
  • #3:  Solar power can be made available to very remote locations. With the right technology, remote and often poor locations could become energy rich through the use of solar power.
  • #4:  Solar power systems have little or no moving parts. This means they have fewer mechanical failings and can last for a very long time, and they require very little upkeep, just an annual cleaning, and they’ll keep providing power for well over 25 years.
  • #5:  Solar power is very quiet to generate. So, there’s very little sound pollution involved.
  • #6:  Individuals who install a solar energy system in their business or home can eventually see a return on their investment. The initial investment can average any where from $20,000 to $100,000, depending on the size. However, eventually, solar power users can start making money from their system by putting electricity, that their solar energy system generates, back into the electric grid.
  • #7:   Residential solar systems are relatively easy to install.  However, in most states, including Massachusetts, you need to hire qualified installers to be eligible for the generous rebates and incentives.Solar energy is starting to be used to power all kinds of appliances in the average home including:-Water Heaters-Home generators

    -Home Heating Systems

    -Hot Tubs

    -Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting Systems

    -Solar Powered Pool Heaters & Pool Covers

  • #8:  Solar power continues to become more affordable. The government is helping more Americans use solar power in their homes and businesses by offering great rebates and tax incentives.
  • #9:  Solar power systems are very compact. They don’t require a lot of space to install. Also, they can be installed in unused places like on rooftops or in deserts.

Advantages of solar energy are clear. Solar energy is finally taking its place in American’s energy future.

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