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Are you interested in solar gadgets? Well, here are a few bizarre uses of the renewable solar energy that would impress you greatly. Check them out:

Solar Light Up Skull

As the name suggests, this skull is powered by the solar energy and hence, there is no need of plugging it in or tossing in batteries. The bright yellow lights emitted from the skull are nothing but the results of the function of a built-in solar panel. The panel charges the Ni-Cad battery that further emanates light constantly so that users do not need to worry about plugging-unplugging of the device or replacement of the batteries. It is made of resin, and hence suitable for using in any type of weather. The design as well as natural bone-like finish of the skull also makes it a perfect choice for Halloween.

Solar eTomb

The exclusive eTomb is a solar-powered grave marker that can collect your personal information from various online resources, such as blogs, websites, social networking portals, pictures, audio, video, etc., and store all of them. The connection between the headstone and the computer or the smartphone of the user is set up via bluetooth with the help of a medium of input implanted into the stone. Your complete web personality becomes visible to your friends or other visitors who stop by your stone, and they can also add more to those information.

Solar Movie Theatre

Located in the United Kingdom, it is the smallest movie theatre in the entire world. It runs completely on solar energy, and can work anywhere anytime literally. Each and every apparatus inside the theatre including sound systems, video projectors, hard drives, laptops, hard drives, etc. are efficiently powered by certain solar panels.

Solar Bikini

Solar clothing is a unique concept and solar-powered bikini is the newest addition to it. If you want a cool and sexy beach-look, this medium-sized bikini designed by Andrew Schneider is a great option for you. It is equipped with (1x 4)” photovoltaic film panels as well as a USB connection. The output of the photovoltaic panels is 6.5V at 1.5A, which allows you to charge your gadgets, keep your drink chilly, and so on while you are simply getting yourself tanned at wonderful seashores.

Solar Holiday Lights

Now you can decorate your home during the festive season with eco-friendly lights. The solar-powered holiday lights reduce the electricity consumption to a great extent. Each strand consists of 102 LEDs that are charged by a tiny solar panel. As it does not need any electrical connection, you can string it almost anywhere. An eight-hour charging is enough for the lights to serve at least nine hours uninterruptedly.

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