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As cities continue to be plagued with issues relating to space constraints and carbon footprints, various methods are being devised to make them sustainable. Since farming is known to take up space, it has become impossible to procure land for the purpose owing to congested residential areas in the cities. Thus, there has been a growing need for alternative arrangements which can assist the cities in farming while ensuring space constraints are addressed. This has led to the development of vertical farming concept, wherein farming is done in a vertical structure such as a skyscraper. Let us look at five of these ideas which have used the concept of vertical farming.



  • Vertical farm in San Diego

San Diego has been well known for its high consumption rates, most of which comes down from the town of California. However, vertical farming practices are now being devised wherein San Diego’s 10% requirement will be met. The towers will be built with a dual approach in mind, with farming done on one side and residential areas on the other end.


  • Rogerio Carvalhero’s model for London

London has arguably become one of the most congested areas in the world, notoriously famous for its population density as more and more people occupy the city space on a daily basis. The model proposed is based on an integrated system wherein ecosystems will be interspersed with each other. Residential complex, bee sanctuaries, vertical farms will be built in conjunction with each other.


  • Chetwood architects’ model of London bridge

Architects have designed a model of London Bridge that has developed a vertical farming concept in the form of a tower, right on the middle of the Thames River. Most importantly, the structure will be using solar energy for its operations.


  • Singapore vertical farms

Singapore, which has developed a reputation recently for being innovative, has developed 120 aluminum based towers, having a height of almost 30 feet, that can be used to grow different types of vegetables for then selling in local food stores.


  • Jared Moore’s design for Barcelona

Jared Moore has designed a concept of integrated ecosystem in a tower wherein parks and plants have been developed inside the tower itself! The idea is to develop the vegetation area on top of the tower while lower levels have been reserved for residential purposes. To add a feel of energy conservation, projects such as rain water harvesting and solar energy usage have also been implemented.

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