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The world has taken to the drive to be more eco-friendly and pollute less. A lot of cities have even initiated resolutions for becoming emission free to a certain extent in a given time frame. From eco-friendly gadgets to eco-friendly clothes – every product is being transformed into a greener and cleaner version. Electric cars are gradually being manufactured by big car-making companies, which would ultimately make them a viable option in terms of cost-effectiveness. A lot many cities are ready to embrace the green and clean electric cars, however, here are ten American cities that are ready to reduce their carbon emissions with their proposals for initiating electric cars.


1. Atlanta: planning to make EV a way of life


Atlanta EV

Atlanta EVAtlanta an Electrics-Ready Town

GE has planned to launch and EV (Electric Vehicle) tour for the city of Atlanta in order to acquaint the people about the changing and improved EV technology. This will provide an opportunity to the residents to take a test drive of various EV vehicles, manufactured by companies like Ford, GM, Nissan, Smart, Think and Mitsubishi. This event will also mark the growth of back-up infrastructure for recharging these electric vehicles, which is one of the constraints behind the popularity of EVs. A lot of residents are taking up the cause and even the students are fast catching on with this movement to make Atlanta the first city in the US to have achieved the 50 thousand EV mark!

2. Austin (Texas): retailers set to provide infrastructure for EV refueling


Austin, Texas EV

Austin, Texas EVAustin, Texas ready for electric cars.

Austin, Texas will see more than a hundred electric vehicle charging stations that are being sponsored by Denny’s (a restaurant) and H-E-B (a supermarket chain store). This vast network of refueling stations would be a stimulus to the residents to procure electric vehicles as they would be a viable option. The charging stations would be spread across in locations such as hotels, educational institutions, libraries, retail outlets, restaurants and so on. Austin Energy has also provided rebates to the charging stations to make this a lucrative business.

3. Baltimore (Maryland): switching to EV for sustainability


Baltimore EV

Baltimore EVBaltimore ready for electric cars.

The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore has taken upon a mission to go out on to the streets with a fleet of electric cars along the Inner Harbor area. They are proposing a sharing electric car called the Altcar that would be Baltimore’s effort towards sustainability. These EVs would be very helpful for local residents to go about their regular grocery shopping by using these shared electric vehicles and even the ticket price would be reasonable!

4. Boston: is ready for electric cars in a big way


Boston EV

Boston EVBoston ready for electric cars

Ford Motors has already listed Boston amongst one of the cities that has reached the 25 electric vehicle mark in the USA. However, the number is sure to increase the Fort is coming up with the new Focus Electric that would provide amazing fuel economy as ti will provide an average of 27 mpg on city roads whereas on the highway it would run at 37 mpg. This would be a great car to look forward to in terms of style, comfort and economy!

5. Chicago: the electric car revolution will spread in a big way

Chicago EV

Chicago EVChicago ready for electric cars.

Chicago is another US city that is listed in Ford Motors list of the top most 25 cities that are prepared to take on electric vehicles with an advanced network of chargin stations. A charging station distributor by the name of Carbon Day has already set up one hundred charging stations across the city and has signed a contract to install 250 more across the state.

6. Dallas: geared up to launch electric cars in a big way


Dallas EV

Dallas EVDallas ready for electric cars.

Another US city that looks ready to take on electric vehicles would be Dallas with their strong infrastructure of charging stations that would be constructed by NRG Energy and would realized this year with 70 odd recharging stations dotted throughout Forth Worth and Dallas. Electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf are hitting the regional market .

7. Denver: has ambitious plans for electric cars


Denver EV

Denver EVDenver ready for electric cars.

Denver is another name that features on Ford Motor’s list of the top cities that are electric vehicle-ready as the city has ambitious plans to change to alternative electric vehicles.

8. Los Angeles: planning to launch an affordable electric car


Los Angeles EV

Los Angeles EVLos Angeles ready for electric cars.

Think Global, an automobile manufacturer from Norway is planning to launch its low-priced electric vehicles in the US market. This car called Think City would be battery powered and would have the capacity to run up to 110 miles when charged completely at a maximum speed of 65 miles/hour. The car would be very cheaply priced at less than $25,000 and would therefore be a hit with the masses. This vehicle would also have two extra seats for kids, with a plastic body that is 95% recyclable.

9. Portland: electric cars to get a good network of refueling infrastructure


Portland EV

Portland EVPortland ready for electric cars

Electric car drivers will now be having seven more electric charging stations in Portland which will be dotted along a street in downtown Portland that has been called the “Electric Avenue”. The state of Oregon presently has four hundred vehicles and hopefully the number should increase with the advent of facilities for recharging of EVs.

10. Washington, DC: Government tie-up to ensure the popularity of EV


Washington, DC EV

Washington, DC EVWashington, DC ready for electric cars.

The DC Government might soon land up with an array of electric cars with the new partnership agreement that has been signed between the District Department of Transportation, AeroVironmnet and Nissan North America that is due to bring many more electric vehicles and recharging stations to Washington, D.C

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