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CleanTech, renewable energy and environmentally oriented companies, are reshaping the global economy. While purely resource focused economies may decline, countries that are focused on sustainability are likely to emerge as the new generation of economic leaders. According to here are ten countries that green investor should consider:


Canada is doing more than relying on it richness in natural resources. Canada is very smart in terms of capitalizing on the opportunities this richness affords and it is converting these resources into alternative energy. It also has some of the world’s best practices in place for waste management, soil remediation. Canada also has growing green-financial sectors such as various mutual funds dedicated to sustainable companies and green economy.

United States

The US is both a major economy for the old and new energy. The US is set to benefit significantly from the green economy and it will be a dominant player in the global market for 2 reasons: Government incentives supporting the developing the green economy, and a very large number of institutions investing in related industries. There are more CleanTech / Environmental Venture Capital funds in the US than anywhere else in the world. The green economy is on track to create millions of new jobs in the US.


China may be one of the world’s major polluters, but China is now emerging as one of the world’s largest economies for the CleanTech and Environmental sectors. The growth of China’s green sectors is attributable to growing health concerns due to the pollution, and increasing natural disasters such as landslides. To address these concerns the Chinese Government has announced various policies and initiatives supporting the renewable energy and environmental sectors. Key focuses are Wind, Solar, Water Management and Soil Management.


Australia is now one of the most pro-green economies in the world despite of the fact that more than 40% of its export comes from mining and resources related commodities. Australia has a long term policy that does not to rely on commodities. It has been developing alternative energy especially solar and geothermal. The country is also a pioneer in water management and soil management.


Japan is the world’s Hi-Tech hub, and this includes environmental management. It is the leading nation in the world in terms of developing waste conversion technologies, including things like gasification and developing garbage eating bacteria. The Japanese Government is also the leader in waste management policies and recycling plants.


Germany is a global leader in terms of engineering, and this includes CleanTech. Utilizing its expertise in engineering and its focus in R&D, Germany is already the global leader in terms of developing generators for wind turbines, construction of fuel-efficient transportation technologies, energy conserving technologies and solar power.


Sweden has a long-term policy in place the supports a sustainable economy. Many of its towns are operating entirely on green energy. Because of its geographical location, it has access to geothermal energy. It is also a leader in carbon sequestration.


Israel is one of the emerging nations set to benefit significantly from the rise of CleanTech and other environmentally oriented industries. Similar to aviation and ICT industries, Israel has a vision for future economic trends. It has been developing and investing in CleanTech for over 20 years, particularly in the areas of water management and waste management. It is also a leading CleanTech investor in India and China.


Singapore is a global leader in water management technologies including water treatment, and it is one of a handful nations that have potable water in place. Water Treatment / Management is a key industry highlighted by the Government of Singapore, and a major exporting industry. It now has a dominant position in SE Asia, China, and the Middle East. Singapore has been rolling out thier water treatment plants and filtration technologies in these markets.

United Kingdom

The UK is a major economy in the world, and also a major energy consumption market. It has been developing alternative strategies dating back to 1960s during the first energy crisis. The UK is a global leader in wind energy because of its long windy coastal lines. The UK is also an European leader when comes to waste management because of its relatively large population, as well as water management – both in terms of technologies and policies.

Other Markets of Interest

Other markets worthy of consideration include the Middle East, South America and other Asian economies.

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  1. This list is more like a top 10 developed countries for green investors. You definitely should have listed here some good South American countries like Ecuador, Colombia and Chile where their policies are aiming to development and sustainability at the same time.

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