Tom Doyle of NRG: Solar Industry Rebounds in 2012 0

After the buzzkill that was Shyam Mehta, GTM Research Solar analyst’s market outlook, Tom Doyle, the President and CEO of NRG Solar presented at the GTM Solar Summit and provided a number of reasons to be cheerful if not downright enthusiastic about being in the solar industry in 2012.

Doyle remarked that Shyam Mehta’s solar presentation made it sound as if NRG is coming from an entirely separate industry.

From NRG’s perspective, what’s happening in the PV module industry is a positive thing, because “what we focus on is levelized cost of energy.”

In other words — things are fine if you’re not a solar module manufacturer.

Doyle reminded the solar crowd, “We are changing the energy industry — and we’re changing the world.” He repeated a Chinese proverb which states, “As long as the direction is correct — the goal doesn’t have to be specific,” and emphasized “We’re headed in the right direction.”

Reporting from Greentech Media’s Solar Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

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