This tulip-shaped solar plant is bringing reliable energy to Ethiopia 0

Ethiopian Solar

Ethiopian SolarDevelopment in rural African communities is often limited by lack of access to reliable power – hospitals, schools and businesses all require a steady source of electricity in order to function. The government of Ethiopia just announced plans to address this need using the AORA Solar-Hybrid system. The AORA system is ingenious because it is modular and uses less water than other systems, but perhaps best of all, the concentrated solar tower looks like a gorgeous energy-generating tulip high in the sky.

The unique AORA design takes up hardly any space – just .86 acres per module and can provide 100 kWh of solar and 170kWh of thermal, all with just 8% of the water typically required by CSP projects. The bulb design isn’t just cute – the shape allows the sun to heat the air inside to create electricity.


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