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It is nice to see that more and more installations that are out in the open are turning towards solar energy. It makes plenty of sense that when a installation like a street lighting unit or parking system is receiving sunlight all through the day then it might as well tap into this unlimited energy source. There are many major cities that have already turned towards solar lamps and even solar dumpsters to cut down on carbon footprint. The YBR parking System is another one of the many parking space designs that has gone solar.

The Parking system has an umbrella on the top that is laced with photovoltaic panels and these panels ensure that there is enough energy supplied to these units 24X7. Of course some sort of backup power source is still essential for the rainy days and on the surplus days it can send power back to the grid. Apart from the solar shade, it comes with units that offer you help with various things like maps, information regarding the current location, directions to your destination and and NFC system that syncs up with specific apps in your smartphone.

It also provides with help numbers, QR-codes and company information as well. You can use both coins and a credit card slot and a keyboard integrated to the unit will ensure that you can enter the required information. It is 2.65 meters in height and the Parking System with its solar panel installation can function almost independently with simple regular updates.

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