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On November 9, 2011, Toronto, Canada, will host the inaugural Water 2.0 Investment Summit. Water scarcity is a certainty, and investing in the cutting edge technologies that drive sustainable performance is a sure way to see steadily high returns over the next 3-10 years.

The Water 2.0 summit will provide insight and analysis, investment-ready opportunities, breakthroughs in new technology, and unrivaled access to the preeminent network of innovators and investors committed to funding a sustainable future.

The universe of publicly traded water and water-related companies exceeds $2 trillion in market capitalization and the global demand for water is expected to double every 20 years. According to Fortune Magazine, water promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th: “the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations.”

During the summit a jury will select 18 early and growth-stage companies with proprietary technologies poised to impact the future of water security. These companies will be given the opportunity to present their business plans to investors. Featured technologies will include innovations in desalination, resource recovery, quality testing, infrastructure improvements, energy, purification, remediation and more

This summit is an extension of the popular Agriculture 2.0 sustainable agriculture investment conference series. Water 2.0 will bring together the preeminent network of investors who know the importance of water investments in the overall portfolio, as well as those who are seeking education in the sector, along with the technologies, companies, and utilities that are working to solve some of the greatest challenges humankind has ever faced.

Hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts will take part in a full day of energetic panel discussions, technology presentations, industry roundtables, thought-provoking debates and unrivaled networking to build the international association of individuals who will come together to fund the future of water.

What Water 2.0 Delivers:

  • An organized forum where entrepreneurs can meet a targeted group of investors who are interested in making a water allocation
  • A business case for the water economy
  • Unrivaled networking with the “who’s who” in water investment and industry
  • Opportunities for collaboration among the creators of scalable water tech businesses
  • Access to the forward-thinking companies that promise to impact the future of water conservation
  • Intelligent conversations on “investment-ready” opportunities in H20 for venture capital firms, private equity firms, corporations and end investors.
  • The chance to mix and mingle with the global sustainable investment players attending the Agriculture 2.0 Global Investments conference

Topics To Be Covered Include:

  • Resource Recovery: Poised for Investment
  • Opportunities in the sector are expected to grow from $25 billion to $45 billion by 2020. Where do venture capital and private equity firms fit in?
  • Wet Water as an Asset Class: Who’s Buying and Selling?
  • Veteran investors discuss water restriction challenges and the possibilities created in water rights trading, mitigation, and portability for agriculture, utilities and real estate
  • Water Scarcity Threats to Industrial Output: What it Means for Investors
  • Valuations experts and industry executives discuss important red flags such as year-to-year groundwater depth, criticality, dewatering and environmental impact

Featured speakers include:

  • William S. Brennan, Equity Portfolio Manager, Summit Global Management
  • Kevin Brophy, Managing Principal, Meidlinger Partners
  • John Coburn, Managing Director, XPV Capital
  • Disque Deane, Co-Founder & CIO, Water Asset Management
  • Matan Friedman, Venture Associate, Israel Cleantech Ventures
  • Sheeraz Haji, CEO, Cleantech Group
  • Judson Hill, Managing Director, NGP Global Adaptation Partners
  • Clay Landry, Managing Director & Principal, West Water Research
  • Evan Lovell, Partner, Virgin Green Fund
  • Scott MacDonald, Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures
  • William Malarkey, Managing Director, Boenning & Scattergood
  • Alex McIntosh, Founder & CEO, Ecomundi Ventures
  • Usha Rao-Monari, Global Head, Water, Global Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department, International Finance Corporation
  • Paul O’Callaghan, Principal, O2 Environmental
  • Tamin Pechet, CEO, Banyan Water
  • Walter Schindler, Managing Partner, SAIL Ventures
  • Seth Terry, Co-Founder, Oberon FMR
  • Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer, IBM “Big Green Innovations”

Featured industries will include:

  • Purification Technologies
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Water Smart Grid
  • Irrigation
  • Conservation Technology
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Resource Recovery
  • Desalination
  • Purification
  • Residential Innovations
  • Information Technology

The 2.0 conference series has garnered wide-ranging respect from all sides of the sustainable investments industry and is relevant for all members of the community including:

  • Private equity, hedge fund, and commodities investors
  • Pension funds, endowments, foundations
  • Venture capitalists
  • Pension fund advisors, private wealth managers, asset managers
  • Family offices, high net-worth individuals, angel investors
  • Impact investors
  • End user corporate leaders
  • Water tech entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Utilities industry professionals
  • Policy makers
  • Service providers to all of the above

Confirmed attending companies for Ag 2.0 and Water 2.0 include:
AfricaSIF | Agrebon | Agri-Neo |Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada | Agriculture Financial Services | Albourne Partners | AMBIOTEK | Apsara Capital LLP | Assiniboia Capital | AVAC, Ltd. | Avalon Capital Group | Avrio Ventures | Banyan Water | Bayer CropScience | Berwind Private Equity | Best Tech Brands LLC | Big Box Farms | Bioenterprise Corporation | Boenning & Scattergood | Bonnefield Financial | Bunge Limited | Carbon War Room | Cleantech Group | CPPIB | Critical Path Group | Cultivian Ventures | Deutsche Asset Management | Dow AgroSciences | Duxton Asset Management | Eastern Illinois University Foundation | Eau Matelo | Ecomundi Ventures | Emerald Technology Ventures | Emergent Asset Management | Enterprise Saskatchewan | Evergreen Bio-Ceuticals | Export Development Canada | Farm Credit Canada | Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada | General Mills | Global Finance GR | Global Thematic Partners | Greenrock Asset Management | groPartners | Farm & Land Management | Growth5 | GrowthWorks Capital | GSF Capital | IFPRI | Imperial Capital Group | Investeco | Joanne Moores | John Todd Ecological Design | Kleiner Perkins | Linn Grove Ventures | Marrone Bio Innovations | Meidlinger Partners | Mercer | Middleland Capital | Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System | Ned Goodman Investment Counsel | NGP Global Adaptation Partners | North Carolina Biotechnology Center | O2 Environmental | Oberon FMR | One Earth Farms | Ontario Ministry of Agriculture | Oxfam | Parthenon Capital | Pineridge Group | PlantForm Corporation | Proteak | RBC Capital Markets | SAIL Ventures | SinCo | Solaroof | Sprott Resources | Summit Global Management | Sustainable Food Lab | Syngenta | Syngenta Canada | The Ambika Group | The World Bank | TIAA-CREF | True North Venture Partners | Truetrac | TruLeaf | Sustainable Agriculture Ltd | UFG Asset Management | Unilever Technology Ventures | Virgin Green Fund | Vive Nano | Wake Forest University Endowment | Water Asset Management | Wellcome Trust | Working Farms Capital | XPV Capital

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