The Urban Landscape Solar Info Station from Matteo Straforini 0

This concept by Matteo Straforini is a solar powered info point where you can get information about a city. It is an urban design to make easy and ergonomic consulting. The solar panels are installed on the sail of the structure and it can rotate, following the sun’s inclination completing a rotation of 180°, just like a sunflower. A touch screen on the dashboard allows the user to access the menu, which contains different categories for browsing.

The unique shape of the info point and its astounding ability to follow the motion of the sun are added advantages. Firstly, its ability to rotate will increase the energy efficiency of the photovoltaic panels as they will receive the sun rays throughout the day at correct inclinations. Secondly, the user and touch screen will always be under shade due to its unique shape.

Since this info station is completely self sufficient it can be installed in any part of the city where it can regularly juice up using sunlight.

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