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Driven by Solar has introduced an eco friendly lawnmower that uses the power of batteries to trim your lawns. Unlike gasoline-powered mowers that emit carbon and rely on fossil fuels to operate, the new Ultrapower 20” cordless machine causes no pollution and performs equally well. While push mowers are also an eco friendly alternative, their performance is hampered by the lack of a motor and aren’t able to effectively trim thick grass.

ULTRAPOWER relies on a 10.5Ah lithium battery that delivers about 45 minutes of non-stop cutting time. It has over 600 charge cycles and can be plugged into a Smart Charger that comes with the package. Being cordless, you needn’t worry about not being able to clear that patch of unkempt grass at the corner.

The mower is an all-metal machine and has a 20-inch cutting path. Its height can be adjusted to seven variables between 1.75 inches to 3.75 inches using one handle which means that it’s able to trim various types of grass. The cordless machine has a mulching insert, a deflector and a grass catcher located at the rear. The simple construction of the mower enables users to set it up quickly and fold it easily after use.

Driven by Solar’s new mower comes on the heels of the rechargeable G2 and lithium-ion hand tool designed to trim tight corners. In keeping with its objective to develop eco friendly lawn mowers, company president Allan Hechtman has said that Driven by Solar is continuing to invest in new product developments to stay abreast of the competition. According to claims, its G2 mower is so in demand that shipments have even been delayed. With its latest offering, we wouldn’t be surprised if the same situation arises as customers hanker for a piece of the eco friendly lawn mower.

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