The Top Cleantech Buzzwords and Phrases From 2014 0

buzzwords of 2014

buzzwords of 2014Last year, “utility death spiral” was on our list of the top buzzphrases. A few months later, the Oxford English Dictionary included “death spiral” in its list of new words for 2014.


GTM employees regularly use “honky-tonker,” “sword and sorcery” and “wackadoodle” — all added to the dictionary in 2014 — in our conversations around the office. So we’ll take that to mean that our colloquialisms have influence on the Oxford editors.

If there’s any word with the same potential to make the dictionary in 2015, we’ll vote for “YieldCo.” But there are plenty of others with equal weight. Below are ten words, acronyms or phrases that were used a lot within the clean energy industry this year.


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