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Mobile phones now play a very important role for travelers in helping them with their travel planning. These have been a tremendous growth of free applications for earth friendly travelers, with the help of these apps you can maximize your experience. Here I have tried to offer a brief on the popular free mobile apps that are great help in making trips run smoothly, and contribute in preserving nature by reducing the use resources traditionally involved in travel planning.

TRIPIT: The first and the most common app available in the Trip IT available on android, i-Phone, Blackberry, Windows phone. With the help of this app you can plan out your flights, manage bookings and rentals and get all assorted travel information at one place.

Flight Tract: it is another common application it provides you with real-time status information for your flight as it covers over16, 000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide. Instantly get information, on flights arrivals and departures, flight delays and cancellations.

Gate Guru: application is ideal for you, if you are a sensitive person and suffer from allergies caused due to weather changes; it offers you all the required details of travel and flights along with the information such as airport weather, check-in terminal, flight departure time and status.  It basically offers you detailed information you can even check out the airport amenities feature.  With the help of this app you can know how many miles you’ve flown and how many airports you have visited.

Google Translate: Another most common and frequently used app is the Google translate, it helps you translate text and spoken words from 65 different languages allowing you to understand and have easy conversations in foreign languages.

The Wi-Fi finder: is an ideal help, to find out the nearest availability of the WIFI in the area around, suitable for Android and i-Phone, it helps you in finding a Wi-Fi hotspot, and then the app will provide directions on how to get there.

Yelp: is an app that helps you find more about the places you want to visit, you can check out the reviews and comments and finally decide whether or not to go for it. For example with the help of this app you can know about the restaurants and local amenities and also find out the best offering here with ease.

XE currency: is basically a currency convertor or calculator, here you can find out the foreign exchange rates and offer  you access to more than 30,000 real-time currency charts.

Expensively: is your finance manager in hand, you can keep track of the expenses, capture receipt images and manage budgets on the go. This app is most preferred by business travelers and by individuals who want to easily manage their travel budget.

Skype Mobile: is free roaming from mobile, now you no more have to worry about roaming charges, this app allows you to make low-cost calls over the Internet.

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