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It’s becoming increasingly important for new cars to be eco-friendly. Lowered emissions, better mileage, and the adaptation of existing diesel and petrol engines to include hybrid electric motors and batteries is becoming more of a focus for manufacturers as they seek compliance with low pollution regulations. In this context, some of the best new cars from leading marques are being designed to combine the best of power, handling and options for lowered emissions. Some of the best examples of this eco friendly trend, in no particular order, include:

1 – Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s Leaf is one of the most advanced urban-focused cars on the market, and manages 99 miles per gallon. The five door hatchback electric car is one of the world’s leading examples of its make, and has no tailpipe or greenhouse emissions. The Leaf has already won multiple awards, and is eligible for tax benefits and congestion charge exemptions.

2 – Toyota Prius v

Toyota have been one of the leaders in making their range of cars more eco friendly. The Prius v is one example of this trend, and manages 44 mpg in the city, and 40 mpg on the motorway. A hybrid, this Prius is also known as Prius+, and represents a compact minivan. Compared to previous Toyota Priuses, the v has 66% less smog emissions.

3 – Lexus CT 200h

Lexus cars are another marque that are doing their bit for eco friendly cars, with the CT 200h as one of the most impressive vehicles in their energy efficient range. A sport enabled car with a hybrid petrol engine and electric motor, the 200h is one of the best luxury models in the world for its record in cutting greenhouse emissions.

4 – Lexus Hybrid 600H

Another example of Lexus’s eco friendly range is the Hybrid 600H, which also makes use of a petrol engine and a charged battery electric motor. The V8 engine provides power, while the electric features provide low to zero emissions when the 600H is driven in Eco mode.

5 – Ford Focus Electric

Ford’s first major all electric vehicle, the Focus Electric has a 100 Kw motor and a 23 Kw battery pack, which can also be remote charged. A 5 door hatchback, the car is based on a third generation Ford Focus design, and has been one of the biggest selling ‘green’ cars of 2011 to 2012.

6 – Toyota Prius c

Toyota’s eco strengths are also represented by the Prius c, a hybrid electric that is subcompact in size, and has a fuel economy of 85 mpg, making it one of the most efficient vehicles in the hybrid electric range.

7 – Chevrolet Volt

This electric compact hatchback does 95 mpg in the city alone, and has a backup petrol engine in the event of the electric motor and batteries wearing down. The Volt has been particularly successful at significantly reducing Chevy’s emissions record.

8 – Volkswagen Passat TDI

A diesel sedan, the Volkswagen Passat TDI has a gas mileage of 30 mpg in the city, and 40 mpg on the road. As one of the most efficient non hybrid sedans on the market, the Passat TDI has achieved success for its economy and low emissions for long drives.

9 – Citroen C3

This 1.4 engine supermini is semi-automatic, and manages 83.1 mpg to make it a highly efficient and low polluting example of the city car class.

10 – Skoda Fabia

The Mk2 version of the Skoda Fabia achieves an impressive 89 mpg on a diesel engine, and is being positioned as the European manufacturer’s leading choice for developing more fuel efficient and low emission vehicles.

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