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The year 2011 saw green jobs continue to grow in a number of key areas. Even as the economy overall had a rocky year, the green economy saw steady growth. Green jobs opened up in a number of sectors. Even President Obama set aside money in the budget to encourage entrepreneurs to go green. It shows that on all levels of society people recognize the importance of working to create jobs related to saving the planet. For those considering perusing educational and business opportunities in environmental sustainability the future is bright. They are in the vanguard of a movement determined to play a significant role in keeping the planet healthy.

The past year has shown that green business is the future. Not only are careers and businesses based in the green economy good for the planet, they can generate significant incomes as well. When President Obama stated his opposition to Proposition 23, the legislation that would have allowed companies doing business in California continue releasing carbon dioxide at their current rate, he gave a great boost to the green movement and signaled his support for the need to create more green jobs. It was a huge victory for the green economy.

People on all levels of society have begun to recognize that the green economy and the green collar jobs it creates are good for everyone. These jobs challenge the young to change their vision of what is possible and what is necessary. It has led to innovation in all segments of society. Green jobs are good paying jobs which encourage people young and old to think globally but act locally. Such thinking will transform local communities, create jobs, reinvigorate the economy and increase prosperity and the quality of life for large numbers of people. The strides made in 2011 confirm this is true, and that this could be a great model for the future of our economy and our society at every level.

In 2011 the USPS decided to make steps towards going green with Go Green stamps and recycled envelopes. The 15 stamps have messages on how to help the environment. The recycled envelopes are made from post-consumer fiber which keeps waste out of landfills. The USPS also offers Go Green stationary which folds into a mailer and eliminates the need for an envelope. The 21 members of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum made the commitment for its members to go green in 2011. Nike also increased its recycling and sustainability efforts. These actions show the move towards environmental sustainability made significant progress in 2011.

Progress was not made across all sectors  in the creation new green jobs, yet it was made on many fronts. Colleges worldwide began to create majors focusing on energy management and green technologies which can support environmental sustainability. Governments and entrepreneurs invested millions in green businesses. It all signals 2011 was a reasonable year for green jobs. We now look forward to growth in 2012, and hope that the green jobs agenda is promoted with full vigor. Bright Green Talent will play our role, and we encourage every form of organization to find a way of hiring staff who can develop alternative energy, eco efficient solutions and innovative green products. We need them more than ever.

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