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Most parents will agree that it’s become incredibly difficult to get kids to stay and play outdoors. We’re living in a technological age that has spawned gadgets like MP3 players, PC and console games, tablets, notebooks and iPads, to name a very few. Consumerism, especially for gadgetry and electronics, has caught the attention of children to the extent that they would rather spend all their time indoors. To help combat this trend and get kids to spend more time in the outdoors, the Son-X Octavia was invented, a gadget that contains three aural games which users can activate as they play on swings.

Son-X Octavia isn’t designed to look especially attractive and resembles something like a coconut. True, it is a gadget and though it’s designed to get kids away from gadgetry, it’s meant to be used outdoors so it serves its purpose perfectly. What’s more, the clever device is solar-powered and fully self-contained so users don’t need to contend with maintenance or additional plug-ins.

Son-X Octavia was designed to be low cost and wireless, targeted at schools with tight budgets. As such, common customers aren’t able to avail of it at just any store and purchase is based on having the correct business end connections.

Each unit sells for about 499 Euros and the aural games can be updated over time via USB drives. The invention has drawn praise from various quarters with adults hoping that the device will take off. The fact that it is self contained and solar-powered means that it can be set up without any hassle. While 500 Euros is quite a tidy sum for such a small gadget, the returns could be huge if it can get kids to spend more time outdoors. The next step would be to make it commercially available so that it can be purchased by ordinary parents and guardians.

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