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Logitech, the global leader in manufacturing personal computer accessories has finally came up with a solar powered keyboard case for the iPad tablet computers. This new introduction by the Swiss based company is an electronic gadget, which is environment friendly in true sense, because it’s powered by solar light. The keyboard can get connected to the iPad via Bluetooth connectivity and it charges itself up with solar or ambient light.

Logitech spokes persons has proudly announced that once the battery of this gadget is fully charged with indoor or outdoor light, it stores enough energy to keep it running for over two years at stretch, ensuring two hours of average usage per day. When combined, the keyboard and case weighs around 15.9 ounce where the solar panel is attached in the back side of the casing.

The case is made up of soft finished and leather embossed, available in black color with the Logitech logo. Its design has kept in mind the position of iPad speakers and can hold it sturdily. Moreover you can adjust the viewing angle of your iPad and it has automatic on-off switches, so your iPad automatically wakes up each time you open the case and goes to standby mode when you close it down.

Day by day tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular among tech enthusiasts and their users are getting dependent on them to execute numerous jobs, such as checking emails, surfing web pages, work on presentations, watching videos and many more. So for all those out there for whom their iPad is an integral part of their life, this solar powered keyboard and case combo should be a good buy. Whole design and finish is actually pretty slick, lightweight and user friendly. It holds the tablet so perfectly that when attached, it’s hard to tell that the casing is actually an added accessory.

The only bit of downside is that the devise can do very little in providing protection to your iPad, for instance the screen remains fully exposed even when the tablet is attached to the casing. But the bottom line is that it’s a great gadget to compliment the whole functionality of your iPad.

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