The Solar Generation Road Trip

See foryourself how solar is working for America. Following the sun across thenation, the SEIA film crew take a first-hand look at how solar isworking for America and meet today’s solar generation: the projectdevelopers, manufacturers, installers and of course, the clients – thepeople who are using solar power in its various forms for their homes,businesses and public buildings.

This 4-minute film highlights the Solar Generation USA Road Trip asthe team discovers how widespread solar energy has become from the EastCoast across the Midwest to the West Coast. Learn more about the rolesolar plays at a boat marina, fire station, New York City rooftop andthe Crayola Crayon manufacturing plant, a zoo (with ‘solar bears’), agas station converted to a solar charging station for electric vehicles; and see how solar is putting people to work at a manufacturing site and a solar rooftop installation in the West; features a Crayola Crayonfactory, Denver International Airport, a Garbett Homes community wheresolar comes standard, Colorado State University, the San FranciscoGiant’s ballpark and a Napa Valley vineyard.
Learn more and take the solar quiz to win a limited-edition tour cap. Visit


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