The “Seven-Point Action Plan for Repowering America” 0

We wanted to draw your attention to a new report, by Clean Edge founder Ron Pernick, laying out a “Seven-Point Action Plan for Repowering America that is bipartisan, grounded, and most importantly, we believe, achievable.” Here’s a table with the main action items Clean Edge recommends:

These are excellent ideas that should be pursued aggressively. In addition, Pernick adds that the world’s industrialized nations can meet their energy needs through a combination of: 1) “Large-scale deployment of both centralized and distributed renewables, including solar, wind, and geothermal”; 2) “The targeted use of current and next-generation natural gas power plants”; 3) “Aggressive investments in a smart, two-way grid”; and 4) “The cost-effective and low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency.”

Note what’s missing here: any increase in reliance on the most polluting fossil fuels, coal and oil. This is both smart policy and smart politics, given that “renewables are overwhelmingly supported by citizens of all stripes and affiliations in poll after poll.” So what are we waiting for? We’ve got the plan, no it’s time to move as quickly as possible towards the clean energy economy of the 21st century.

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