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You’d imagine that making goods and services more easily available and quicker to access would involve more people, effort and resources. Not necessarily.

The world of the self-service kiosks has really come to the forefront with the technological advances of the last 5-10 years. We talk to Julian Rooney of UK bespoke Kiosk business Cammax Limited, about how the kiosk is helping the environment.

How are kiosks helping the green cause?

Kiosks replace people. The carbon footprint of a kiosk is less than that of a person, using electricity for making drinks and heating and/ or cooling

Kiosks streamline processes and take costs and resources out of the supply chain by automating mundane activities

Does your production take green issues into account?

All of our components are as low power in consumption as we can source. PCs are constantly evolving and now consume very little power

If a kiosk is not going to be used, say at night, then we can set it to shut down and then automatically reboot at a certain time so that it is ready for customers but has not consumed power when it is not required

All of our end of life kiosks are disposed of under WEEE directive and all metal is recycled, every single piece of metal in and end of life kiosk is saved and recycled

What developments should we expect from kiosks in the future in the general and also green sense?

PCs are going to become very low consumers of power

We are now looking at fitting our outdoor kiosks with solar power, so that very little electricity is taken out of the grid. This is already in place in many outdoor “parking meter” type kiosks in London

How influential do you see kiosks being in the future in general?

Kiosk technology means consumers can help themselves more, resulting in a quicker, more efficient transaction devoid of any possible human error. With the rise of the internet consumers are increasingly used to helping themselves. Look buying flights for example, nowadays these are nearly all bought on-line (i.e. self-service) whereas only a few short years ago the only way to buy flights was to phone a  human travel agent, which is much more expensive than an automated website

The consumer acceptance of self-service kiosk technology has been unequivocal

Do you have any personal reasons for pushing the green cause?

I think that we all have a reason to leave the Earth in a better state we found it for future generations and if I can influence that in a small way through my business activities then it would be foolish not to

Why is Cammax different from other manufacturers?

We are a small company and benefit from the flexibility that comes from that, we can afford to take the time to listen to customers and fully understand their requirements. We view every project as a bespoke kiosk creation, and guarantee that our past experience, skill set and knowledge base will ensure that our customers will avoid any of the pitfalls that the move to self-service can create if not done properly.

The onus on green technology is something that is both essential and unstoppable and firms of all sizes need to integrate it. The environment and technology are now intermingled and intrinsic and this is something that is not going to change. Cammax have always been at the fore of the field in innovation in not just green areas, but all areas.

Green technology is an exciting field and one where we expect to see significant improvements in over the next ten years even more-so than we did even in the previous decade.

What’s your opinion on the introduction of low consumption self-service kiosks? Do you think we should still use man power or are you happy with their green benefits?

Julian Rooney writes for Cammax Limited. Cammax Limited is a leading supplier of green kiosks and other high quality self-service bespoke technology to the world of business.

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