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When I get up every morning, I take my cup of coffee, sit down, andread the news in the energy sector – often including a few comments from bloggers. As one might expect, there are patterns that develop, acommon one of which is exemplified below here: the argument thatfree-market economics has determined that fossil fuels should be thedominant form of energy – with the counter argument that there isnothing truly “free” about “free-market economics.”

Person A: The price of crude oil, natural gas, coal etcwill decide how and when people will switch to alternative energysources, not cheerleading by solar energy industry.

Person B: In other words, the switch to alternative energy will bedetermined by what happens in terms of the billions and billions ingovernment subsidies that keep the price of oil, natural gas and coalartificially low.

Person C: I think that Person A is right to a certain extent. Thebillions that the fossil fuel industries get in subsidies and tax breaks is what it is. It’s reality.

With the political power that the fossil fuel industry wields isgoing to have its time at the public trough. The best that we can hopein the short run is that our leaders garner the political will to do the right thing and at least give Alternative energy a fighting chance.

In the long run, “alternative” energy isn’t going to be an“alternative”, it’s going to be THE energy source because as time goeson the physical and environmental costs of fossil fuels are going tobecome unavoidable and undeniable. At that time, subsidies or not,renewables will reign supreme.

In think we’re on to something here: as corrupt as our democracy mayhave become, our leaders still are elected by our votes. As soon as WeThe People fully understand the basics – and the main reasons that weneed to dedicate ourselves to a clean energy future, our leaders will be forced to pick up the ball and run with it.


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