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Having green transportation is a necessity in today’s world. There are many auto companies that are trying to develop vehicles that emit lesser emission and are environmentally safe too. RE-THINK, a modular electric bus concept from designer José Vicente, is meant for the European cities and towns.

The bus concept has been designed for the rural areas as well as metro cities. It can be powered by both the electric power and fuel cell, which makes the concept more affordable and clean. The entrance and exits of the bus are clear and wide, and permits smooth flow of passengers. Two different width bodies can be fitted over a single bus chassis; one 2000 mm for (A) and 2500 mm for (B).

The RE-THINK is a low floor bus, and the components have been placed over the wheels to ensures maximum passenger area. The fuel cell engine has been placed over the rear wheels. The battery pack, the steering and body systems are placed over the front wheels.

The bus has been designed and integrated with optimally utilized space. The driver sits at one end of the entrance and the other is left open for passenger entrance. The bus also uses modular cabin units that can be assembled at the operator facilities allowing customization of the number of seats or any other configuration.

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