The Neon Green Big Piggy Power Bank 1

Inventions like Neon Green’s piggy power bank make for interesting solar units that can provide backup for laptops and charge cellphones and other battery operated devices.

It collects and stores the energy of the sun for future use

There’s no word on just how much solar energy the power bank can harness and store, but if it can be jacked up to a notebook and other gadgets, it should be decent enough. The handy tool retails for $35 on the internet and can be picked at the usual online stores. Users will have to place it under sunlight, preferably where the rays are strongest. A lithium battery stores the energy, which is then transferred to equipments that need backup power. Additionally, the piggy power bank can also be charged when hooked up to a computer’s USB port. The solar charger is available in 2 vibrant colors of green and yellow.

Devices like Neon Green’s are particularly handy when you need to go camping. Since the outdoors don’t offer conventional power outlets, it can be cumbersome finding a way to charge electricals. As such, these devices provide campers with the necessary mechanism to sustain their gadgets without fear of losing battery power.

The sudden interest in solar operated products has spawned a booming market filled with such devices. It has also led noted manufacturers to come up with gadgets like watches that run on the sun’s power.

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    B: In Put Volts: 5V, Out Put Current: 1A,
    In Put Volt: 5V, Out Put Current: 1A.

    2. Instruction:

    Charge this power bank 5-6 hours by plugging the “IN” interface with the normal adapter or wall socket, when it’s full of power the 4 LED will be shining. Each LED presents 25% of power capacity. Connect to the device which you want to charge by plugging “OUT” interface to power bank, then press the button on and the LED will light, it can charge immediately. And it can stop charging automatically when the device is full of electricity to avoid the waste of power.

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