The Mobile Solar Powered Rapid Response Unit 0

Designed by California-based Green Horizon Manufacturing LLC, the Central Service Unit (CSU)is a mobile trailer system that assures that those in need of off-grid power and clean water are provided with them efficiently and effectively using green technology. The mobile system taps into solar power using its 240 watt photovoltaic panels to generate clean power which can be used as an alternate to conventional power sources. Considering how power lines are often dead for several days after every major disaster, this obviously is a huge help in rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

The unit can also provide with 19,000 gallons of potable water each day while it can process 2000 gallons of waste water as well using a specially designed gray water management system. With in-built features such as Wi-Fi, internet connectivity and phone services the CSU tries to offer as much as it can to help ensure that rescue operations are smooth and unhindered. The unit showcases how once again green energy succeeds in areas and situations where conventional power fails to do so.

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