The Midier Solar Concept Car from Siyang Liu 0

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Designed by Siyang Liu, the Midier is a car that seems more likewhat Apple and Steve jobs would roll out on for a big iPhone unveiling,rather than another concept design. That is what separates it from themob when it comes to the design aspect of things. But the realdistinguishing factor is the solar panel on top of the car that juicesup all its needs. The Midier is a car that sports a sexy design and hasthe “cool factor.”

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The designer of the car himself admits that it has been partlyinspired by Apple products and since it is a complete entertainmentcenter, that pretty much about seems right. Also, the interior stylishswirl in the Midier has been drawn from the design of a conch shell.(Yup, a little help from evolution, as well). The vehicle is designedfor an urban commute and doubles up as a party center after work.

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You can just flip open its retractable roof after sundown and thefabulous lighting and loud music center inside will bring the party towhere the Midier stands. The solar panels on the top juice up thebattery during the day and that should be sufficient for most outings.In the case of an emergency, there is always an option of “conventionalcharging up from the grid.” Touch Pad controls, DJ center and all, thisis one cool car… both for the party times and for the planet’s health!

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