The Hyquator Portable Solar Water Purifier 0

This portable solar-powered device is laced with photovoltaic panels that allow it to disinfect water in a matter of minutes and make it completely safe for drinking. The beauty of this battery device is that it does so without using any additional external power source or even chemicals, which may continue to linger on in the water. It is precisely this reason why we rate this gadget so very highly as you will never need a refill of chemicals or a socket to plug it into.

The unique mechanism of the Hyquator generates Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) from the minerals and salts present in the impure water. This disinfects the water completely and kills all the microorganisms and bacteria inside. Not only does it disinfect water, but prevents from further cultivation of infection causing bacteria. Sodium Hypochlorite will itself evaporate on exposure to air for a few minutes and hence you will have completely clean and absolutely safe drinking water in no time.

Hyquator is a wonderful gadget that could save lives and help improve life standards of millions of people. Developers of the device say that they are working at a model that will be as cheap as possible, which is great news as it needs to reach a lot of homes across the globe. It is the simplest things that make the biggest difference and providing clean and safe drinking water to the entire planet is a goal that hopefully will be realized sooner than later.

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