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For those who are nature lovers and appreciators of natural resource conservation efforts, here is something unique that has been the outcome of an intensive research and creative thoughtfulness of the Indian designer Varun Varshney. The designer presents an exclusive solution that could bring sustainability in people’s lives. This unique product is Hydron, which has come to receive a very special mention in the Fifth Jindal Stainless Steel Innovation Award! Hydron is such kind of a system that not only generates solar energy by tapping the natural sunlight far better than some such similar equipment or devices, but also supports the harvesting of water.

Hydron system is designed in a way that it is able to generate around twice the solar energy as another regular solar panel would do. The system’s design also helps it to act like a utility product for individuals. It appears like a beautiful and stylish umbrella on top of a table. The system keeps working while you relax under the shed or use the table for a night party on a terrace! The system would work in an ideal manner on terraces, in gardens, or at open-air restaurants. This would also provide the surrounding environment a very different look and feel, and is refreshing to be utilized on a sunny day.

The fact that makes Hydron different from any other solar panel system is its triple-junction silicon solar cells with a thin film. These solar cells are placed on the outer side of the system structure, thus making this structure somewhat lighter than any other conventional solar panel. If the combined thickness for the solar cell’s layers in Hydron is considered, it would be around one hundredth of a typical paper sheet’s thickness! This is what helps the system get more efficient in generating a large amount of energy.

Structurally, Hydron’s solar panels are able to fold inward, while the supporting member turns inside. Its structural design is created in such a way so that it can collect the rainwater, as well as remain exposed to sunlight the whole day in a 360-degree manner. The solar panel structure is connected to the drinking water container or junction to the reservoir. The connecting unit is involved in the water filtration process. That is how the reservoir receives distilled and purified water.

Additionally, when you may need the table at night time, its leaf-like panels can easily be restructured and flattened into the shape of a table. The bright and shining top and base of the table turns it into an aesthetic beauty at night. The system acts like a perfect utility for public places like beaches and hotel swimming pools. Hydron acts as a modular system that enhances its own value. Such efficient and environmentally friendly designs are assets to the possessions of any country or facility. Hydron not only captures renewable resources but also converts them into a useful form so they can be utilized in a wide range of applications at different places.

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