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Designed by Leon Zhu of China, the Green Angel is a model design of a backpack that will also consist of a solar power system. Leon Zhu has given a design that makes traditional solar cells more fashionable. The solar panels are designed like wings on the back side with total eight such solar panels that aim to harness as much solar energy as possible.

The solar backpack looks more trendy and stylish and has a battery meter that tells the level up to which the battery is charged. The charging port on the backpack can be used to charge your phone, laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod and other such devices. The solar panel flaps cover an area of width 70cm and height 60cm, while the bag is 30 cm wide and 39 cm long, when the flaps are closed.

The fashionably designed solar backpack does look too futuristic and its mass production does not seem likely in the near future. However, the designer has done well in envisioning a solar backpack that can generate a lot more solar energy than conventional solar bags that are available on the market today. If realized, this product will help in generating renewable energy, which can be fed into devices such as laptops which need more energy than cellphones or music players.

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